5 Reasons Why Every Software Development Team Needs Continuous Testing

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Do you feel embarrassed when your recently developed software crashes in front of a customer? Do you loose money when your product can't give response to requests? Are you a tester who is seperated from production line, are you sad? Are you an entrepreneur whom most of time listens to customer problems and your developers sadness stories or wage rise requests?

I am a software developer and feel too much stomach aches on release days. The whole week, we were coding and at the end, we work overtime as a gift. After years, if one of my customers mailed me that they couldn't do something on our products I would feel embarrassed. Moreover, I if my customers were sad I would loose money, argue with my staff.

Here are 5 reasons why your software development team needs continuous testing.

  1. Find Bugs Early, Solve Bugs Early
    Issues can be found and fixed faster as developers can see their own code for QA. And also, testers will be more important in the process and can work happier and more powerfull.
  2. Solid Releases
    You will be confident about your code. You can take a coffee and lean your back, may be laugh. No more aches :)
  3. Comprehensive Test Coverage
    System is battle tested. If you use Testbone, you will create just one easy test and your system will be tested in terms of functionality, load and security at the same time with just one and easy integration.
  4. Continuity in Software Development Lifecycle
    Software developer writes his code and push it to continuous integration tool, go and grab a coffee. If everything is ok, he can continue developing other features. If not he has to fix the bug. No more testing jobs, quality checks or long and hatefull meetings for developers.
  5. Takes Control of Delivery Process
    You will know the responsible: Continuous Testing Tool. No one other. You can see the whole process with failures, latencies and accomplishments. You are now a leader of your bussiness not a manager of problematic software lifecycles.

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