Top 6 Continuos Integration (CI) Tools Comparison

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Jenkins is the industry's oldest player and has a market share of 71%. The community support for this tool is great with more than 1 million users. What's even better is that today there are 1400 + plugins that can meet virtually any need for Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD).

Use if:

  • your code is hosted in-house;
  • you want to have complete control over your CI/CD environment;


TeamCity is considered to be Jenkins ' best alternative. It's free from the box and offers extremely stable plugins. It also has handy integrations with xUnit and other tools for code coverage. Like Jenkins, Java and. NET projects often use this tool.

Use if:

  • you need a working solution without the hassle of maintenance;
  • you can't appoint a dedicated person/team to manage the Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Delivery (CD) tool;
  • you require speedy customer support;
  • your projects are built on .NET;


GitLab CI / CD is an embedded tool that can be used by any GitLab user. It allows you to host and assign labels to several GitLab runners on servers. This gives you a server development farm where builds can be allocated as needed to any server. This allows for massive scaling opportunities that are not provided by tools like Jenkins.

Use if:

  • your code is hosted in GitLab;
  • you want to outsource your DevOps lifecycle;
  • you don't want the hassle of setting up and configuring an entirely new tool;
  • you would benefit from a steady rate of feature release;
  • you need an integrated Docker registry;
  • you don't need plugins.

Testbone integrates with all CI tools with its api and serverless based technology. You can implement Functional, Load, * Security test via just create api endpoint with just one click and paste it to your ci script. Our high end technology can generate thousands of users within seconds ensure your ci/cd pipeline works smooth.


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